created by Steve Aylett
produced by Corsham Entertainment in association with Bazley Films, directed by Richard Bazley, and co-produced by Klik Animation.
Cyberpunk satire author Steve Aylett has created an animated TV series, Rip, the Angriest Pig in the World, to be directed by Richard Bazley (of The Iron Giant, Hercules and Osmosis Jones). RIP follows the exploits of The Angriest Pig in the World and his ineffectual roommate, Dartmoor the fish. This blur-fast 78x7 or 26 half hour flash animation series takes place in a post-apocalyptic society where speaking mutant animals combat savage dangers with volatile animosity and baffling unpredictability. In describing the series, Alastair Swinnerton of Corsham says, "If Tex Avery had read Rip Off Comix and watched South Park, this is what he would have come up with. It’s the funniest, darkest, strangest thing I’ve seen in years, like Duckman meets Ren & Stimpy."
... or Warner Bros meets Manga ...
Aylett writes many of the scripts and will be joined by other authors well-known for twisted logic and quick weirdness.
RIP pics

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