Starring Alan Moore, Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Steve Aylett, Robin Ince, Jeff Vandermeer, D Harlan Wilson, Andrew O’Neill, Vessel (David Devant), Bill Ectric and others, LINT THE MOVIE documents the life and work of cult SF author and philosopher Jeff Lint, creator of some of the strangest and most inconvenient works of the 20th century.

Featuring clips from Lint's books, cartoons, music, comics and films, the movie follows Lint's life from the days of vintage pulp, psychedelia and his disastrous scripts for Star Trek and Patton.

Newly discovered archive footage and recordings of Lint himself, and commentary by those who knew and read him, results in a compelling portrait of the creator of Clowns and Insects, Jelly Result, The Stupid Conversation, the Caterer comic, and Catty and the Major, the scariest kids' cartoon ever aired. Based on Aylett’s books LINT and And Your Point Is?


Sep 22 2012 - Glasgow - Old Hairdressers

Nov 17-20 2011, BizarroCon, Portland OR, USA

Nov 13 2011 - Salvage Vanguard Theater, Austin Texas USA

Oct 14 2011 - Northampton, UK

Sep 16 2011 - Idler Academy London, UK

Alan Moore, Steve Aylett, Josie Long, Stewart Lee, Robin Ince, Jeff Vandermeer, DH Wilson, Vessel, Mitzi Szereto, Mo Ali, Leila Johnston, 7-Inch Stitch, Victoria F Gaitan, Andrew O'Neill, Tamsyn Payne, Jess, Tilusha, Spencer Pate, Lord Caul Pin.

Steve Aylett - Director, Script Editor, Animation, 1st Camera.
Electric Children/Dean Verheyen - Editing, Effects.
Martin Roberts - 2nd Camera


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REVIEWS OF LINT (the book)

"Lint: in Steve Aylett, this clearly much misunderstood writer has found his Boswell, his Gilchrist, his Ackroyd. A cultural unearthing to equal those of Philip K Dick or Harry Stephen Keeler, this has to be the literary biography of the year. Highly recommended."
- ALAN MOORE, creator of "Watchmen" and "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"

"Steve Aylett is the most original voice in the literary scene. He is quietly changing the rules and bringing fresh life to contemporary literature. Give him your attention. He will reward you enormously - and make you laugh like a drain."

"has become a modern cult classic" - The Guardian

"LINT offers some of the most perfectly amazing sentences and paragraphs that are likely to go into your eyes, ever. Aylett/Lint is a clearly a phenomenal talent."

"Steve Aylett has made a career out of redefining the boundaries of science fiction -- and sanity. Lint is easily his best and most sustained absurdist work to date." Barnes & Noble Spotlight Feature

"Aylett's previous books have flourished in undiscovered countries of the mind. By colonizing our consensual reality for the first time with Lint's tale, he's proven he is an unstoppable master of space and time - much like Lint himself."
- Paul DiFilippo

"Lint is dense and funny and works on many levels, and Aylett is an author who should be better known"
- Steve Bercu, Bookpeople, Austin TX

"a world that feels like a Monty Python movie animated by the Ren and Stimpy people... While fulfilling all its obligations as a cheerfully ridiculous romp, LINT manages to weave in a considerable amount of radical-friendly humor."
- Counterpunch

"Aylett crams more ideas into one sentence than you'll find in all the novels on the New York Times bestseller list put together ... And as much as the book is hilarious and fun, it's also a spiky, fierce indictment of the publishing industry, Hollywood, bureaucracy, comic books, fandom and pretty much anything else that crosses Aylett's path." - Bookmunch

"His style is hip and easy, similar to the surreal media parodies of Chris Morris... [LINT] is a wonderful book, a witty tribute to the history of literary SF and the bizarre circumstances of its birth."
- The Zone

"can only enhance Aylett's steadily growing reputation as one of the most original voices in contemporary science fiction."
- Fortean Times

"when Aylett's firing on all valves, there are moments of inspiration... Almost going beyond surreal at times, albeit I would say this is probably the most accessible of all his books."
- Phil Jones,

"an elaborate and unhinged comedy. Lint offers a wide sweep of pulp/junk/underground culture... I love the part about Lint's JFK conspiracy theory, which posits that the same bullet ricochet killed several presidents."
- LitKicks

UK edition of LINT book- Snowbooks

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