Q: How could the creation of the bone coast be precisely dated without asking anyone?
A: By looking at the most recent year on the monetary notes embedded in the bone coast which form Tenner Reef.
Q: Why is it necessary for there always to be some sun in Beltane Carom’s garden?
A: To cast a shadow in which Prancer Diego is stored.
Q: What award did the Trauma Clown win? Is this a real prize?
A: The Clown d’Or. Yes.
Q: How did Max Gaffer know the location of the Wesley Kern Gun?
A: By overhearing the Conglomerate talking about Turbot’s stolen list in Dummyland.
Q: What causes the knocking noise the Mayor hears in his head near the end of Velocity?
A: Skittermite having sex in the clock mechanism under the office, ‘bumping back and forth like a muffled clapper’.
Q: How many times is ‘So regret me’ said in each Accomplice book?
A: Three times.
Q: Where else does the Cyril Manifesto appear after Book 2?
A: On the wall of the blood shed in Karloff’s Circus.
Q: Why can’t Barny find Prancer immediately when Beltane Carom sends him to find the trickster near the beginning of Velocity?
A: Because Beltane is Prancer and he needs time to change.
Q: Where else are children lost in nursery forges?
A: In the realm of Mister Heironymus in Bigot Hall.
Q: What kind of bug was in Sags Dumbar’s head?
A: A Varney bug.
Q: Are Chloe and her father registered for the blood levy?
A: No.
Q: Who is narrating?
A: Bingo Violaine.
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